Beautural 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer Review

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Sometimes, you need a quick way to get your clothes wrinkle-free in a bind; travel irons aren’t all that they were once cracked up to be, and it’s not always convenient to go and get your ironing board out. For times like these, steamers are an absolute godsend.

Recently, we managed to get our hand on the Beautural 1200W steamer, a fantastic device which not only excels at its purpose but does so at a very affordable price. Here’s a rundown of our experience with it.

What’s in the Box? What’s in the Boooooxxxx?

When you receive the Beautural steamer, it comes in a fairly unexceptional box. It’s relatively well-packaged (ours had a cardboard cast to keep it from moving around inside), and is about the same size as your average home iron.

For a device which cost us less than a pair of emoji slippers (sadly a real thing!), we were immediately surprised at how well-built it felt to hold. As well as the steamer itself, there’s also a couple of brushes (one for fabrics, and one for lint), and also a handy instruction manual.

Lastly, there’s a measuring cup which – although not necessary – is a very nice touch from the manufacturer, and does make the process of adding water less cumbersome.

Tricks and Functions

The Beautural can hold almost nine ounces of water, preheats in just over half a minute, and can steam continuously for 14 minutes. That’s more than long enough to do your clothes for the day, but for a whole hamper of clothes you should look at the full-size models.

One really handy function of the steamer is that it has both an automatic shut-off (which will kick in after 8 minutes of use) as well as an overheating prevention mechanism, meaning you’re less likely to hurt or blister your hands when using it.

Additionally, the power cord can rotate in a complete circle, which makes twisting and turning the device significantly easier.

Our Experiences

Using the Beautural handheld garment steamer was nothing like we’d expected. For a product in this price range, I – personally – had preconceptions about it being somewhat shoddy when it came to its primary application; this was not the case at all, though.

The first thing we tried to “de-wrinkle” was a black vest, hung on a door using a regular clothes hanger. It took a few seconds to really see the difference it was making, but any and all creases were soon disappearing with a few passes of the steamer.

Likewise, on heavier fabrics like jeans and shirts, it continued to impress. In fact, we even used it on an old sofa and saw pleasing finishes. While it sometimes helped to use slower “strokes”, we consistently witnessed smooth results.

A nice touch with this particular steamer is the fact that it’s been built for both horizontal and vertical movements – thanks to its ergonomic shape and design, it won’t leak during use. Likewise, the continuous steam function allows you to use the device with more unwieldy items with a minimum of fuss.

Lastly, this thing is damn-near silent! There’s a slight hum when using it, but any concerns you might have had about steamers being significantly noisier than irons can safely be put to bed – you could easily use this when everyone else has went to bed.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, we’re extremely impressed with what we saw from the device.

Those of you looking to pick up your first steamer should absolutely consider the Beautural; not only is it easy to use and incredibly handy, it also costs less than a meal at a restaurant – and who can complain about that?

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Last Updated on August 26, 2019

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