The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer Review

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The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer comes priced quite a bit lower than its counterparts.  The design looks encouragingly futuristic. 

These factors may tempt you to try it out…  Is it worth the risk?  Let’s see.

Initial Impressions

The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer looks intriguingly space pod-like, much like its manufacturer’s name. 

The base is sleek and silver (or white and green), and you get the impression it could launch itself into orbit after a brisk session of steaming your garments.

It feels rather disappointingly light and a bit cheap—which I guess was to be expected, considering its price.

It’s shipped and sold by Tye-mart on Amazon and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall Design

The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer’s stand extends to 5 feet 3 inches high when fully extended, which is quite good; The more usual height is 5 feet or shorter.  

It’s rather lightweight, which is not so good.  You don’t want a garment steamer toppling over because the garment weighs more than the steamer does.

The water tank can hold up to a third of a gallon, which isn’t terribly impressive for an upright steamer.  A gallon is more the norm for the industry.

Unlike its competitors on the market, it doesn’t come with any little bonus attachments at all like a lint brush or a crease tool.

Not a dealbreaker but some of those accessories are surprisingly handy.


The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer has auto shut-off functionality.

It promises 40 minutes of steaming on its 1/3 gallon water tank.  This sounds overly ambitious and frankly isn’t good news.

Because in order to make good on that guarantee, the steam would have to be terribly weak to make that bit of water last that long…


  • The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer has an auto shut-off to avoid overheating or the water running dry.  This function is always a nice bonus for safety purposes.
  • It works quiiiiiiite well at steaming soooooome garments, although with a lot of unnecessary time and effort due to the uneven steam flow.  More on this in the Cons section.


  • The Laundry Pod Upright Steamer’s “patented, insulated, cool-touch” hose is annoyingly difficult to handle.  It has a tendency to bend and kink up in use, forcing you to fight with its tangled loops every time you want to move the nozzle around.
  • The steam it produces sputters, giving you an uneven flow of steam intensity.  You can never tell if you’re going to get a strong blast that can flatten the King Kong of wrinkles, or a pathetic trickle that’s a cry for help.  (By strong, I exaggerate.  Perhaps a determined puffing that can shake the first little piggy’s straw house up a bit.)  This means that you get to spend a lot of time going over the same problem spots again… and again…
  • Given the small size of the water tank, it’s no great surprise that it runs out after just a couple of garments (sadly, it takes a while to do each garment).  You’ll constantly have to refill the tank to keep going with your garment steaming session.

Final Verdict

Well, on the plus side, your Laundry Pod Upright Steamer is excellent for carting your groceries. 

If this is the first fabric steamer review you’ve read, let me be clear – it’s not a good sign when that’s the best thing one can say about a garment steamer.

And to be scrupulously fair it does somewhat okay at getting wrinkles out.  

If you have plenty of time to spare, and work hard at it.  (In which case, really, you could have just whipped out the dreaded ol’ ironing board and gotten better results.)

On the down side, it doesn’t really excel at its job of garment steaming, and provides a lot of inconveniences besides, such as the hose kinking up and the steam sputtering.

Stay far away from the Laundry Pod garment steamer.  For just a few more bucks, you can get something that actually gives you the intended quality of life improvement that a garment steamer is intended to provide. 

Let the Laundry Pod take off into the outer space of oblivion—thankfully—without you.

Try this one instead.

Last Updated on May 24, 2019

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