Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer Review

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Key Features

  • Press pad acts like a mini ironing board
  • Superior efficiency
  • Easy mobility and storage, but rollers need a brake system

Our Review

In 1999, Steamfast debuted a new product called the “garment steamer.” This item allowed consumers to press and freshen their clothes much like a professional dry cleaner for the first time and was an instant success.

In the following decade, Steamfast expanded its line of steam products, and now they bring to the market the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer.

This full-sized standing steamer features a 40-ounce removable water tank and can be ready for steaming in as little as 45 seconds.

The moderately sized tank allows for up to 45 minutes of continuous steaming, indicating that the SF-407 may well be one of the most efficient steamers on the market (compare to a 45 to 60 minute steaming time from the Rowenta IS6200 which has an 81-ounce tank).

The product features a detachable and adjustable telescopic pole and comes with an attachable fabric brush for removal of lint, hair, and loose threads from both garments and household furniture.

There is a built-in clothes hanger hook and the steamer is mounted on 4 rolling casters, allowing for easy mobility and storage.

The SF-407 also features a press pad, allowing the user to effectively turn his or her hand into a mini ironing board.

Customers note that despite its height and relatively small water tank for a full-size steamer, the SF-407 does not easily tip over as one might expect.

Reviews of the product are overwhelmingly positive, and customers consistently comment that the device exceeds their expectations.

Many even go so far as to compare its quality to that of professional steamers, which can cost upwards of 4 times as much as the SF-407.

As with all products though, this one is not without its minor flaws.

The most common complaint is an ubiquitous even if superficial one: the 4 rolling casters on which the device is mounted are not equipped with any sort of brakes. This means that the steamer often moves while in use, even if only a couple of inches. This can be a nuisance but ultimately should not deter potential buyers and can be easily fixed with a little user ingenuity.

A second complaint is one often seen with full-sized standing steamers of any kind: that the removable, adjustable pole is too short.

This seems to be a standard complaint industry wide and is not a problem specific to the SF-407.

Overall, the SF-407 is extremely well received by consumers and appears to be one of the favored and highest quality steamers currently on the market.

Its relatively small tank size and lengthy steaming time should make it all the more appealing.

How does it compare to the best in class?

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