Steamfast SF 510 Review

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Key Features

  • 1500 watts of power
  • 46-ounce water tank
  • Heats in 45 seconds
  • 50 seconds of continuous steam
  • Telescopic pole
  • Clothes hanger
  • Attachable fabric brush

The Review

If you need a powerful and quick heating garment and clothes steamer, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is a really good option to keep in mind.

In terms of the time it takes for this model to heat up, it only takes a total of 45 seconds from when you turn it on to when it is fully heated up and ready to go.

In other words, it is one of the fastest heating fabric steamers out there right now, as most others can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes until they are ready to be used.

It’s much faster than most others, thus allowing you to get on with your day much faster.

What is also quite impressive about the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is that it can last a really long time with just 1 full water tank.

The water tank which this particular fabric steamer features holds 46 ounces, which is quite a decent size.

The fact that this steamer can provide up to 50 minutes of continuous steaming on a single full water tank is pretty impressive.

Most other steamers simply cannot go for that long without needing to be refilled, thus allowing you to get all of your steaming done in one go.

The water tank features a secure screw cap. The pressure that builds up in the water tank through the steam creation process can be quite immense.

Therefore it is vital that the screw cap stays securely in place. It does come with a special safety mechanism to ensure that the cap cannot be removed while the steamer is hot, thus preventing steam-related accidents.

It’s important to note that the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is a very powerful 1500-watt steamer.

It heats up really fast, the heating element is very reliable, and the steam which comes out of it is super-hot.


It is actually one of the more powerful fabric steamers out there at this time, so it is important that it comes with a safe screw cap so you don’t end up burning yourself due to an accidental opening.

Speaking of safety, the hose and handle are both designed to stay perfectly cool during operation; it is designed so you don’t end up burning your hands just from holding the hose or handle.

When it comes down to it, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is a very convenient option to go with.

The fact that it can be used for so many different types of fabric and clothing is a big bonus.

You can use this fabric steamer for shirts and blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, coats, drapes, curtains, table linens, bed sheets, and all kinds of furniture fabric too.

This steamer works very well to remove odors from all of these fabrics, plus it is a great option for removing wrinkles.

The Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer can make your clothes and other fabrics look and smell like they came right out of the washer or from the dry cleaner.

On a side note, this steamer also works to kill germs, allergens, mites, and even bed bugs.

All of these things can be quite the nuisance, but the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer can help curb these problems.

Now, one thing that does need to be mentioned here is that because the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is so hot and powerful, it should not be used on certain delicate fabrics.

We would avoid using it to steam things like silk and cashmere, plus anything that is plastic. If you have a shirt with plastic prints or writing on it, we would avoid using the Steamfast SF-510

Fabric Steamer to steam it, as it may very well melt the plastic and cause damage. However, this is still a good choice to go with, just not for anything that can’t handle super-hot temperatures, especially very delicate clothing.

In terms of convenience and user-friendliness, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is up there with the best of them. For one, it comes with a telescopic pole and a clothes hanger.

This means that you can extend or retract the pole based on your needs so you can easily hang up clothes for steaming.

Simply put your clothing on the hanger, extend the pole to the desired level, and get steaming.

Now, while this is certainly very convenient, we need to say that this pole is a little flimsy and lacks durability.

Also, if you put heavy clothes on it, especially if the water tank is not really full, it can make the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer very top heavy, which might make it tip over, so just be careful when trying to steam heavier items.

Another aspect here that we like is that this steamer comes with a clothes brush that can be attached or detached at will.

This clothes brush, when combined with the steam, helps to remove dirt, get rid of wrinkles, and brush away most other unwanted visitors too.

Finally, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer also comes with an integrated cord wrap, so you can safely and securely store the cord when this steamer is not in use. No, it’s not a super important feature, but it comes in handy.


At the end of the day, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is one of the best options out there at this time.

The best features here include that it gets really hot, it is very powerful, it heats up very fast, and it can provide up to 50 minutes of continuous steaming, plus it is very safe.

It might be a bit top heavy with large, heavy clothing on it, plus the telescopic pole is not exactly the most durable item in the world, but other than that, this is still an extremely good, and powerful electric steamer, which will unwrinkled and freshen up anything you put in its path; just be careful.

Last Updated on May 24, 2019

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