Travel and Handheld Steamers: Buying Guide and Comparison (2020 Update)

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Comparison Chart

So what is the best travel steamer for you? Take a look at this comparison table, which shows the hand-held clothes steamers that we recommend without hesitation.

ProductHeat-up TimeSteam TimeWeight (lbs)PriceRatingLatest Price








E-best Mini







Shark GS500














Rowenta DR8080







Our Top Hand Held and Travel Steamer Reviews

1. Sunbeam Steamer

One of the smallest and lightest handheld travel steamers out there, the Sunbeam Steamer weighs only 3 pounds and is small enough to use with a single hand.

It’s a super portable steamer that can easily fit into your carry-on baggage. 3 pounds might seem like a lot for a handheld steamer, but it has a lot of great functions and features that cannot be ignored.

This handheld steamer only takes about 45 seconds to fully heat up, which is really fast.

It has a water tank large enough to provide you with up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, which, when the price and size of the Sunbeam Steamer is considered, is actually quite impressive.

It comes with various attachments for garments, creasing, and more.

2. E-BestMini

When it comes to cost-effective travel steamers, the E-Best Mini is a good option to keep in mind, as it is one of the more affordable models out there right now.

As well as being very affordable, this steamer is also very small and lightweight. It can easily be used and maneuvered with a single hand, thus leaving your other hand free to deal with whatever is being steamed.

Do keep in mind that the water tank holds only 4 ounces, which once again, is quite small. It’s a good option if you need to steam a couple pieces of clothing, maybe 3 at the most, but for no more than that.

It will take about a minute to heat up, which is not too bad. It might not the very best travel steamer out there, for its low price and high level of convenience, it is definitely worth taking a look at.

3. Shark GS500

The is a very portable steamer, one that you can fit in pretty much any bag and take with you as needed.

Now, this item does weigh about 3 pounds, making it a bit heavier than most other handheld steamers, but it is still quite lightweight nonetheless.

It’s very convenient to hold, as it looks like a spray bottle, plus it’s easy to operate with a single hand.

The capacity here is fairly large, coming in a 6.5 ounces, which for a travel steamer is not too bad.

The continuous steam output can last for roughly 15 minutes, which should be more than enough to steam a whole ensemble at once. Another upside here is that the Shark GS500 only takes about half a minute to heat up.

4. PureSteam

If you need a high-quality steamer, the PureSteam is a nice option to consider. We have to say that this company produces very durable and high-quality items.

This travel steamer comes with great customer support, a long warranty, and a high overall level of durability.

The water capacity is enough for about 10 minutes of steaming, which is not great, but also more than can be expected from such a small steamer.

The PureSteam takes about 2 minutes to heat up, which is significantly longer than most other handheld fabric steamers out there.

With that being said, we like how it is small, convenient, portable, and durable too, although the steaming performance is not the best of all clothing steamers out there.

5. RowentaDR8080

The RowentaDR8080 looks like a high tech space-age steamer, and by all rights, it performs like one too. It comes with roughly a 6-ounces water capacity, which is not too bad, as it can last for about 10 minutes on a single tank, making it fairly average among handheld travel steamers.

What is also nice is that the RowentaDR8080 only takes around 45 seconds to heat up, yet another bonus. Moreover, it comes with a few different attachments for various purposes, a nice aspect too. It is a little heavy for a handheld steamer, but it is still light and small enough to use with a single hand.

Some people, when they think of steam, think of giant turbines, majestic trains sweeping along America's endless plains, or titanic cruisers. But wait! There are some clothes steamers that fit snugly into your hand, your closet, and your suitcase.

If you think having a cordless garment steamer sounds like a good idea - you're right! Pop one into your suitcase and have your clothes looking crisp for your big interview or your friend's wedding.

Travel Steamer Buying Guide

When buying a portable clothes steamer, there are a few key factors to consider.

  • Heat-up time. If you wake up in a hotel room and realise you've got 4 minutes to get to the train station, you don't want your steamer to take too long to get going. You want it to heat up in less than a minute, ideally, so you can get steaming and get your day going.

  • Steam time. Once it's fully heated, how long does the device produce continuous steam? The longer the better, for those occasions you've got more than just a shirt and jacket to unwrinkle.

  • Weight. Most hand-held steamers weigh about 1.2lbs, which means using them for 10 minutes won't cause any strain. The better, more powerful steamers can weigh over 3 pounds, so for extended sessions you're going to start feeling the strain. Being heavier isn't a deal-breaker but it's something you should consider.

  • Price. You can pick up some models for 20 dollars, while the most expensive go up to $80. Our top pick comes somewhere in the middle - you pay a bit more to get a lot more.

  • Wattage. Some units advertise their wattage - they are normally the more powerful models. In theory they should heat up quicker and give blazingly powerful steam that will make short work of wrinkles.

  • Our rating. Combining the factors below with our expertise, the device's design, accessories, and longevity allows us to come up with a hyper-accurate product rating. This rating is accurate to the nano-decimal. 

Final Verdict

The five steamers discussed above are all worth your money.

But, we have written many travel steamer reviews and you might find one not in the top 5 that meets your needs.

Last Updated on May 18, 2020