Pure Enrichment PureSteam Fabric Steamer Review


Key Features

  • Best-selling clothes steamer across ALL categories
  • Lengthy warranty
  • Improved nozzle design
  • Superior customer support makes up for flaws

Our Review

A leading manufacturer of premium home, health, and personal care devices and appliances, Pure Enrichment holds their products to some of the highest quality standards in the industry. All products are backed by industry-leading warranties, including the new PureSteam Fabric Steamer (sticker price $79.99).

The PureSteam’s fast-heating water tank heats up and is ready for use in as little as 2 minutes. The tank holds enough water to provide 10 continuous minutes of steaming. The device is also portable and features an 8 foot cord. This allows you to not only steam clothing for any occasion, but also items around the house, such as furniture upholstery and drapes (even while they are still on the rod).

PureSteam also comes with Pure Enrichment’s standard 2 year warranty, making it a safe and reliable purchase.

This steamer comes with a plethora of new features as well. A new nozzle design distributes steam more evenly and powerfully, and the 8-foot cable largely removes the need for an extension cord (though it is extensively shorter than some of the larger steamers). The PureSteam’s compact and portable design allows for easy storage and mobility, and the product comes with a heralded shut-off safety feature that prevents the device from getting too hot.

However, the PureSteam is not without flaw. Consumers often complain about the “travel size” quality of the product, citing specifically that the water tank is significantly too small (compare 10 minutes of steaming time with the PureSteam to almost 60 minutes of steaming time with the Rowenta IS6200). Often, the tank is only sufficient to steam one item before it needs to be refilled.

Some consumers also noted that because of its compact nature, the PureSteam lacks the power and steaming capabilities of its larger, mobile counterparts. One customer lodged a heavy complaint that the original product she purchased did not work at all as it was supposed to – the nozzle dripped and spurted water as if the tank were overflowing, thus soaking the garments being “steamed.” When the tank was relieved of its contents to the point of nearly being emptied, the problem persisted indicating a significant design flaw. However, upon noticing the complaint, Pure Enrichment corresponded with the customer and promptly sent them another steamer (same design) free of charge. This steamer worked flawlessly.

Overall, the PureSteam seems to have a handful of minor (and occasionally major) problems and design flaws that larger steamers do not. However, the compact design and inherent ease of mobility make the product appealing for those who do not have large amounts of storage space. Combine this quality with Pure Enrichment’s impeccable customer service and warranty, and the fact that this steamer is only a fraction of the cost of larger ones, and the product may well be worth the risk of purchasing.

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