Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Station Review

Key Features

  • Rapid heat-up and eco setting
  • Lightweight steam iron with 47oz water tank
  • Safety guards
  • Precision-shot system
  • Fixes flaws of the previous model
  • The Mercedes of steam irons

Our Review

The Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Station (sticker price $479.99) is a household tool that you can’t live without. But don’t just take my word for it – there are countless garment steamer reviews for this iron to back up the claim. Hundreds of people have tried this steamer and come away satisfied with the results it offers. 

You’ve likely spent several hours at an ironing board, trying to work out all the wrinkles and the seams in your shirts, pants, or curtains, and somehow more and more wrinkles appear. Or, if your iron serves its intended purpose, it takes forever to heat up. This can be incredibly frustrating if you have appointments to keep, or if you’d rather spend your day doing something other than forcing out the wrinkles of your clothes. 

This garment steamer is the perfect solution to this problem. Most impressively, you don’t need to struggle with an ironing board at all. You can leave your clothing on the hanger and iron them directly -- simply holding it up, pushing the button, and allowing the steam to melt the wrinkles away. Secondly, the machine only takes two minutes to heat up. Touch ups can be applied almost instantaneously, and full scale ironing jobs happen in a fraction of the time. 

You can consider this machine the Mercedes of irons, and clothes steamer reviews reinforce this fact -- promoting it as the best solution to their ironing issues. You can cut your normal ironing time in half with two minutes of heat-up time and a full container of water to produce the steam. If you have great loads of laundry to iron every week, then this is the perfect upgrade from your typical machine, saving time and producing better results.

Many fabric steamer reviews praise it for its light weight, so you don’t have to deal with soreness in your hand after a few minutes of use, or worry about burning yourself while struggling with the weight. It’s extremely light, so you can steam clothes directly on their hangers or curtains right on the wall without the typical strain. 

It has many safety guards to prevent accidental burns or the destruction of clothes. After a few minutes without being used, this steamer will automatically shut itself off; so even if you forget to shut it off, your clothes and your own safety won’t be endangered. It’s activated manually by being plugged into the wall -- without on or off switches. This makes sure you’re fully aware when the steamer is active and when it’s not, preventing mishaps.  

Why struggle with a traditional iron when this garment steamer will ensure your clothes are crisp and pristine in a short amount of time? Your time is important, and so are the results you seek. With a Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Station, ironing won’t only be easy and fast, but even a little fun. Watch as the results appear in all your clothes, looking 100% better with a fraction of the effort from you. 

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